March 21, 2017


At Bravo Law, the scope of our trial, litigation and corporate experience permits us to represent a broad range of industries, business enterprises, and individuals.

First and foremost, however, our practice centers on the needs of our select group of clients: small business owners and individuals. Recognizing our clients each have unique needs, ours is not a one-size fits all practice. Instead, our case selectivity enables us to always have an AV® rated attorney on the file – to personally service the client. In turn, this allows us to uniquely tailor our service to match the individual needs of our clients.

Thus, we routinely service clients in the following areas:


At Bravo Law, we frequently represent small business owners in a myriad of business matters ranging from contract disputes, shareholder disputes, labor and employment, trademark infringement, securities litigation, and consumer claims. Our experience extends to the state and federal levels, as well as alternative dispute resolution. We also provide general counsel services for entrepreneurs from the start-up stage through the winding down stage.


Our firm has significant experience handling a broad range of personal injury matters. With more than 40 years of combined experience defending catastrophic injuries and mass torts at both the state and multi-state level, we now focus our efforts helping victims and family members in all aspects of personal injury claims, including automobile accidents, premises liability, product defects and wrongful death.


At Bravo Law we firmly believe that most workers abide the honest day’s work idiom. That is, in exchange for their hard work, employees and independent contractors simply want to be paid and treated fairly in the workplace. We therefore represent workers who have been denied wages and overtime, as well as workers who have been harassed, discriminated against, or wrongfully terminated by their employers.


Consumers are often unknowingly victimized when companies violate federal or state laws aimed at protecting consumers from unfair, fraudulent, deceptive and abusive business practices.  At Bravo Law, we empower consumers to not simply defend themselves from such practices but, importantly, to enforce their rights by holding businesses accountable for debt collection abuse, telephone marketing abuse, credit reporting errors, consumer fraud and unfair business practices.

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